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Accessories for gas analyzer
Barcode Reader

For choosing products and user names via barcode for MAPY. Facilitates standardisation process fast and reliable entry of all product and user data for a large number of barcode types.
Scan all relevant product- and user data via barcode with this barcode reader before testing your product. That way, your process will become faster and smoother. For optimum quality assurance.

Table Printer

Choose Bluetooth equipment for your OXYBABY® 6.0, and print your measuring results via a wireless connection and directly on-site with this small and convenient table printer. Practical, quick and simple. Direct documentation of your measuring results at the touch of a button. Wireless, small and convenient to use


This stable and sturdy table-rack made of stainless steel is ideally suited for the use of your OXYBABY® as a desktop unit.

Software OBCC

Windows-Software for the documentation of analysisresults of OXYBABY® 6.0, OXYBABY® P 6.0, OXYBABY® Med und PA 7.0. You can find a demo version of WITT analysis software includes with your OXYBABY® respectively PA. In case of acquisition the unlock key you can use the OBCC for documentation your measured results. So you can offer your customers a complete documentation of your quality control and guaranteed continued customer satisfaction.


Your WITT-Gas analyser is made of robust material and needs very little maintenance. Wear and tear, however, is the natural consequence of daily use. To make sure that replacement materials harmonise perfectly with your WITT device, we recommend original WITT spare parts. Cost-effective, quick and reliable. Suitable for all OXYBABY®-, PA-, MAPY- and MFA- models.
O2 sensor - Especially long service life time (approx. 2 years in air). Can be replaced by the customer himself. Filter. Needle.
Foam rubber seals for sealing the sample site at the package Package each 500 pieces
Hose with Luer-Lok - Connection for using OXYBABY® as stationary device (table top version, with Can-Piercer or with Aquacheck)


OXYBABY® Aquacheck is ideal for mini packages with a sample gas volume under 2 ml. The gas volume from two or more packages is collected in the water tank and thus made analysable for the OXYBABY®.
Material: stainless steel
The OXYBABY® Aquacheck is available with and without water container. Suitable for OXYBABY® M+ and OXYBABY® 6.0.


The OXYBABY® Can-Piercer is essential for head space analysis of bottles and cans.
The secure fixation and ease of use provided by the Can-Piercer guarantee optimal quality control also for bottles and cans with metal or plastic caps.
The Can-Piercer can be adjusted to fit bottles and cans up to a maximum height of 390 mm. The integrated needle protection and robust needles prevent needle breakage.