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Pressure Regulator ADR 150F


Powerful manifold pressure regulator to regulate high flows at acetylene cylinder manifolds or bundles (packs).

Operation / Usage:
The ADR 150F for acetylene is used to reduce high pressure to working pressure in acetylene supplies as required according to EN 14114.

The ADR 150F is a spring-loaded pressure regulator. The required pipeline pressure is adjusted by the spindle.

It is recommended that a leak check concerning the atmosphere is conducted at regular intervals. Repairs are only to be carried out by the manufacturer.

Company certified according to ISO 9001 and PED 97/23/EC Module H
CE-marked according to PED 97/23/EC, category III, Safety accessories

• integrated relief valve (according to ISO 7291)
• 150 m3/h flow capacity
• integrated relief valve and outlet pressure gauge
• requires no additional pilot gas

Pressure regulator Pressure regulator
Pressure regulator Relief valve
Type spring loaded spring-loaded with connecting thread for venting pipe
Gas acetylene acetylene
max. inlet pressure 25 bar2
Outlet pressure up to 1.5 bar
Nominal gas flow capacity at 0.6 bar outlet pressure 96 m3 /h

at 1.5 bar outlet pressure 150 m3 /h

Inlet M36x2, solderless pipe coupler, drill hole form W – heavy series S DN 25 – DIN 3861
Filter stainless steel, filter mesh 100 µm
Relief valve capacity according to nominal gasflow capacity
Outlet flange, DN 50 – PN 40, DIN 2656 M24x1 female thread
Materials brass, stainless steel, steel, elastomer brass, stainless steel, elastomer
Weight approx. 27 kg approx. 27 kg