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Pressure Regulating Station 684NGA (acetylene)


Pressure regulating station for the central gas supply up to 10 m³/h, automatic changeover

Operation / Usage:
The pressure regulating station automatically ensures continuous gas supply and control of a pipeline, which is connected with pipeline outlets and reduces the risk of accidents
A supply by single cylinders is not available

2x1 pressure regulating station 684NGA automatically changeable
consisting of:
2x automatic quick acting shut-off devices HDS17 according to EN ISO 15615
2x pressure regulators and gauge with contacts
2x solenoid valves 230 V Ex
2x non-return valves
1x safety device 85-10 according to EN 730 against back flow and flashback
1x ball valve in the outlet DN8; G 3/8 F

completely mounted and tested on stainless steel plate
for connection with WITT control unit (WITT-SWITCH)

*pressure regulating station completely mounted and tested
*quick and easy wall mounting
*compact design (e.g. suitable for cylinder cabinets)
*pressure regulating station according to EN ISO 14114
*pressure regulator according to EN ISO 7291
*reduces the risk of accidents and creates more working space
*automatic changeover using solenoid valves in the outlet, controlled by WITT-SWITCH (optional)

• flexible hose standards (BAM) for connection of pressure regulating station with gas supply (cylinder, gas, cylinder manifolds, bundles, ...), adaptor suitable for bundle connections
• without automatic quick acting shut-off device HDS17 manifold for connection of cylinder bundles with pressure regulating station
• switch- and control unit WITT-SWITCH
• information board with concise instructions
• instruction plate according to the gas

Type 2×1 with HDS17
Order-No. 193-005-001
pV max [bar] 25
pH max. (static) [bar] 0 – 1.5
Q max. (at 1.5 bar)[m3/h] 10
Inlet  RH M G 1/2
Outlet  RH F G 3/8
Height [mm] 530
Width [mm] 780
Depth [mm] 115
Weight [kg] 15.0