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Gas Analyser PA 7.0


Compact analyser for the monitoring of protective atmospheres in food packaging (MAP) and welding. For continuous analysis (in-line) and also intermittent sampling via a needle e.g. from food packs. A flexible analyser to guarantee quality and productivity of production processes. Whenever you need a record of your measurement this instrument together with the exclusive OBCC-Software is the solution. Provide your customer with the results proving that your product has the best possible quality.

Please identify the individual gases at the time of enquiring!

● new operation by touch panel
● large illuminated graphic display
● Interfaces on front: mini SD and mini USB port
- update possibility
- data transfer via mini USB
● minimum sample gas required for analysing of smallest volumes (e.g. food packing)
● fast measuring results of sampling
● integrated data logger for the last 500 measurements
● assignment of measurements to different product names, users and product lines
● multilingual menu guide: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Finish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian and Turkish (more to come)
● system errors or exceeding of set limits trigger an alarm and switch a potential free contact (e.g. to shut down machinery to avoid quality problems)
● splash-proof and robust housing
● interface for transfer of logged data

● software OBCC for recording of results incl. data cable (see separate data sheet)
● separate table printer for instant documentation
Other models, options and accessories available upon request.

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